mardi 2 février 2016


Affiche réalisée pour le concert de ID!OTS + SHISHI au Do It Yourself café de Lille le 5 février 2016

ID!OTS - dirty rock 'n roll (Courtrai-Gand) Belgium 

IDIOTS was formed in 2013 by Luc Dufourmont * singing and attributes, Dick Descamps * monumental bass player, Wouter Spaens * sleight guitar virtuoso Tom Denolf * wild ADHD-loaded power drummer.
IDIOTS play swirling rock with a penchant for Pixies, Beefheart, Motörhead, Trust and Kylie Minogue. Early 2013 IDIOTS recorded at the Bijloke Studio in Ghent a few pre-production demos of Orangutan Boogie, Dance Baby Dance (?) And Mad Man Blues.
2014, the year in which the band in true IDIOTS style will be clymbing on various stages in Belgium&France.
Boys protect your girlfriends for the charismatic singer and his unpredictable antics...Nothing is certain, nothing like what it is, but everyone will have known: IDIOTS were here.

  SHI SHI - Outcase (Roubaix) 

Fraichement arrivé sur la scene Lilloise ce Trio Post Grungy Lo-Fi de Roubaix saura vous surprendre en vous replongeant dans des sonorités 90's , difficilement classable , on ressent néanmoins les influences des Pixies ou Sebadoh tout en lorgnant vers Sonic Youth.

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